Introducing our newest collection of Just Good Coffee, the Culture Collection. These blends are carefully crafted and roasted to perfection, each with origins from within the great continent of Africa. 

"We wanted to team up with greatness already within our community."

Our mission was to make a big push within our community and had high hopes for teaming up with a few good friends who are already making an impact. The whole purpose behind the "Culture Collection" is to interact with those who identify similar to us, young African-American entrepreneurs. This being said, we chose to craft a selection of some of the finest coffee from regions within Africa and to give portions of all proceeds back to communities like those we grew up in. The Culture Collection is full representation and wholly expressive of the native continent of Africa.

I want to be in a better position to help my people and take care of those people who took care of me when I was growing up. To help build and enrich and educate my community.


Black Culture is not a brand. It’s a very unique, creative, loving, and evolving energy.


FURAHA – happiness, or to rejoice.

An exquisitely enjoyable taste of Kenya. Some of the most robust coffee in the world come from this region and we believe it should be shared with more of the world. This is truly a reason to rejoice. #Furaha

Some of the best Africa has to offer.

NAKUPENDA – I love you.

The pure goodness and full flavor of Uganda. From harvest to brew Ugandan coffee is as enjoyable as they come. This is love, roasted and prepared to deliver every coffee lover a rich experience every day.

Absolutely something you must have.


KUWA NA – to have; having.

This blend was carefully crafted and chosen as an ode to the upcoming Jabee studio album, “This World Is So Fragile and Cruel I’m Glad I Got You”. What an amazing thing it is to have the right things, and this robust blend from Ethiopia is most certainly a must have. 


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